Thursday, 9 August 2007


So just what is going on at Royal Mail?
The company that you own is refusing to publish it's latest financials. It is thought that one of the reasons is because they are far better than they are telling the unions as they try to sack tons of staff and get the others to work harder to cover the jobs whilst offering them a 2.5% rise.
Another reason could be that the big bosses have awarded themselves a whopping bonus on top of their big basic and they think that could inflame the problems with the union. At least they are right there!
However as tax payers who own Royal Mail we have the right to know what is going on & how our money is being wasted.
The sheer arrogance of these people beggers the question "should they be in charge" of a company owned by the state.
It seems only a short time ago that we castigated Russia for not telling their people what was going on in the state.
Now we are doing the same.
We are going backwards with this policy.
Do we want to go down the Rusia Red route?

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