Thursday, 17 May 2007


So the prince of guts wil not fight in a war after all ( see blog below )
Why is that? After all, normal people who are being paid money by the tax payer have to when they are in the army.
Perhaps the prince is far better than these lads Or perhaps he is just frightened he might get hurt. Or perhaps he feels that as a multi-millionaire he is above people that have worked for their money. Or perhaps his butler will not go on the front line to wipe his arse for him. How on earth would he manage then?
But don't worry my royal prince poor people will stand in for you and get killed. You sit at the back having a good laugh with your jolly good friends.
But have you ever wondered what you are doing in the army.
Or indeed with your life.
I know what I am doing--I am trying to pay the bills.
Is the prince of guts doing that or having a free jolly at the taxpayer expense?

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