Friday, 11 May 2007


Tomorrow is the big day. I have been waiting for this for weeks.
My Kidderminster Harriers will be playing at Wembley in fronT of the biggest crowd ever for an F A Trophy final.
We already hold the crowd record of over 34,000 but the gate tomorrow should be over 60,000.
O K a lot of them will be going to see the new stadium but they will also be cheering for the boys.
People in the town are talking about football for the first time in years. The income from all this ( gate money, live T V money, shop sales etc ) should ensure the club gets of to a flier next season. This could be just the kick start that is needed.
But I must keep my feet on the ground.


Anonymous said...

To Wemberley, we all went
To win the cup was our intent
By Bus and Coach and Car and Train
To see a chance that that may never come again
The teams come out to a mighty roar
Is this our day
Will we score 4?
The whistle goes, the game has started
Dave is nervous, he has farted
We score a goal, that makes it one
It looks as though our work is done
Another one, that makes it 2
The cup is ours, we'll see it through.
Half time is here, we're 2-0 up
It's Kidderminster for the cup.
The second half shows who's the master
They've scored a goal,what a disaster
But never mind, that's no surprise
We'll never let them equalise
Another goal has just gone in
Their supporters make an awful din.
Extra time, just bring it on
Penalties, that's no problem
We don't deserve to lose that lead
I know that we shall still succeed
But now they've gone and scored a third
The noise is something to be heard (But not from the Kiddermisdter end)
The game is over, we have lost
Another dream aside is tossed
We all go home, totally shatterd
Beacuse our team got truly battered

thewholetruth said...

My life is almost ruined.
As I send this I am listening to my Sheffield United 2-1 down to Wigan. Down is the operative word.
What a shit weekend.
I am just going for the bottle.
We only need one goal--will it come?