Sunday, 20 May 2007


The FA Cup goes to Chelsea in one of the worst and most boring finals in living memory.
But that does not stop the old moaner Ferguson saying the normal things that Ferguson does.
The ref was crap he says. Strange. Everyone else says he was great.
The Chelsea goalie was bundled into the net with the ball but Ferguson says it should have been a goal.
We all know he is old but he is going back 40 years when that would have been allowed.
Get real Fergie--you have LOST.
Even you can not have all the money.


Anonymous said...

I think it goes deeper than that. I believe it confirms that football and the people involved in the game are the biggest con merchants in the World. For people to pay good money to watch such rubbish and then cheer and applaud them makes you ask "Just how gullable are the people that watch". To see so called athletes, some said to be the best in the World, not even bother to try, was pathetic. They even tried to blame the pitch, but top quality sports people adapt, what about Golfers for example. By writing this piece I have probably put more effort in writing this than those morons (sorry con men) did on Saturday

Anonymous said...

What insite you have.
No "one earns" £130,000 a week.
Football is indeed a con to remove money from the thick to give to the stupid.