Monday, 31 March 2008


Reading my local paper I am amazed to see that once again the government has cocked up.
Although it was in the budget speech of 2006 (over two years ago) that they announced the new bus pass for over 60's here we are with 1 day to go to the new system and guess what?
The passes are not ready!!
How long does it take a civil servant to organise anything. (exclude a cup of tea, they get that spot on)
And this is costing us even more money
Due to the late arrival the passes are being sent out first class post! Give us a break!
If these people worked for a private firm they would be long gone. But how many people have been given the boot by the government? Not a soul that's how many.
Why not. Our tax money is wasted with impunity. And no one is bothered. Where will all this lead us?

At least I see the newspaper article is accompanied by a picture of a top civil servant doing what they do best.

Drinking tea. Well she is not doing any harm at the moment!

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